This is a simple way to share the message of Jesus. Business card-sized, it fits in a pocket easily. Used in schools, prisons, on trains and in aircraft… it illustrates four points.

Whilst most resources at are free as they can be downloaded, there is a small cost for these cards to cover postage and printing. Delivery is usually within three working days.

Four Picture Cards:

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Four Picture Cards Explanation:

Notes to help explain the “Four Picture Card” –  click here to download and print.  These notes are free to download in pdf format and are convenient for printing.

For ease of printing, use a “duplex” printer and choose the option, “booklet printing”.  The double sided sheet can then be cut in half to make two leaflets sized A5.  If you don’t have a duplex printer, set the printer preferences to fit two pages on an A4 sheet and turn the paper over to print the back.