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Below is the text of the “Mary Magdalene Monologue” – it is for you to use – details of copyright are here.

It’s like someone has a hold of your throat – except you can’t see them. Suffocating, terrifying, killing… that’s what it’s like to “be possessed”.

No friends – despised – hated, actually.  All cross the street when you come close – like you’re going to poison them by your “evil” presence.

Then He came.

Ordinary to a first glance but something utterly overwhelming about Him – about His presence: overwhelmingly good – opposite of all that filled me. I was repelled and drawn to Him at the same time.

He came to me.

It was like a war erupted in my soul. That hideous grip tightened – I was going to die – then He spoke: “Mary”.

Absolute authority, calm, peace, power.

The evil presence loosed its hold and fled before His voice. It was like a sunrise: a new start, a new day. “Mary”.

I walked with His band of followers now. A rag-tag bunch, we were! But we saw the dead raised the ill restored. We saw the hungry fed, – we were the hungry fed – the despised embraced. We saw storms stilled and the haughty silenced.

Then “that day” happened.

On that day, I saw the skies darken and the hands that had only touched to bring healing – now nails cut through them into a cross of wood: a cruel splintered murderous cross . There was jeering – like the way they used to shout at me – “the evil one” -and they swore, spat, swaggered…

I watched His breathing slow. Gasps, a piercing cry – as though all the evil that I had once known was swarming around Him, bruising, cutting, crushing, killing Him. Death came. Death HAD Him. Swallowed. Broken. Engulfed.

All my hope, my life, my dreams, my future:  it all died that day with Jesus – like there would never be a dawn again.

With everything blurred by tears and exhaustion we watched His body laid in Arimithea-Joseph’s tomb and sealed with rock as cold and rigid and final as the dead wrapped body inside.

Two days. Death days. Agonised silence days. Momentary glimpses of the pain, the shame, the bitter, cruel death all played out in our seared memories.

“We must ‘do’ something” – I think it was one of the other Mary’s who said it – “Anoint His body”. Sunday morning and we went back to the tomb: ‘the place of the dead’.

“The rock?” “The soldiers?” We didn’t know – it was just something we could “do”. So we “did”.

As the first rays of light split and pushed over the horizon, we could see that the tomb entrance was OPEN: gaping back at us – as aghast as we were. Two men – I can see them now – bright clothes eclipsing the rising sun, “Why look for the living in ‘the place of the dead’? He’s not here, He is risen!”

We began to stumble back to tell the others…

Somehow I found myself alone – perhaps I could go no further.  Look: there’s a man! “Gardener? Where have you put Him? Where’s His body? Tell me!”

Then, “Mary”.

That voice, my broken name on His majestic lips… It was like the whole of creation was gasping, was reeling, everything stopped, time stopped…


Absolute authority, calm, peace, power.

It was like a sunrise: a new start, a new day.




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